The Catalan pooing log – Caga tió

Christmas time in Barcelona: the Catalan pooing log

A genuinely peculiar figure (seen from outsiders eyes) in Catalan Christmas is el caga tió (the pooing log). This friendly and beloved creature has the extraordinary skill to defecate sweets, chocolates and even sometimes little presents at Christmas time! It’s always a highlight for Catalan children (and adults with a sweet tooth!).

Image of a Catalan pooing log
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Generally there’s one caga tio in each house, in my family we always put him under the Christmas tree. The caga tio focuses all his defecation on one day (depending on the family on the 24th or the 25th) so you previously have to feed him (mine quite enjoys tangerines). When Christmas day has arrived, we cover him with a blanket so that he feels comfortable and isn’t cold. We gather ourselves around him and sing a song whilst kindly clapping on “his back”. The caga tio is wearing the traditional Catalan hat, la barretina.

If you ever stroll around our Christmas markets and you see caga tios (you can get “pocket size” ones or much bigger ones), do not hesitate to get one! You may get freshly made chocolates on Christmas day 😉

You can read about el caganer (the pooing man) here 🙂

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  1. Bones.. Què tal? I love what you’re doing. I wanted to ask..

    Can you send me one of these? I dont know where to get one and i’m in england.

    Ill transfer you money for postage. Or prehaps I can send you a gift in exchange =)

    Let me know

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