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Talking about family might be one of the first conversations that you ever have in Catalan! Besides, since Catalan belongs to the Romance languages group, some of the words to talk about the family are very similar to French, Spanish or even Portuguese! If you are already familiar with any of these languages, you will find the family members vocabulary very easy.

The following chart and its names are written from the eyes of the young girl with the red dot (meaning, that the boy next to her is her brother and the ones above are her parents, grandparents and so on).

Who are the family members?

The nouns in the image are the official words (mother, father, grandmother, etc.). However, I would never use such words to talk to them. I would use “closer” words instead:

Family Members in Catalan
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Mum: mama / mami

Dad: papa / papi

Gradma: iaia

Grandpa: iaio

Auntie: tata

These words mean the following:

Ger / germana: brother / sister

Fill / filla: son / daughter

Pet: mascota

(The bold part is the stressed syllable)

As you can see, I wrote the articles (el / la) for all family members. In some cases you may see that there is an apostrophised article (l’). Regardless the gender (masculine or feminine), you will see that there are many words starting in vowel where the article is apostrophised. There is certainly a rule for that but we don’t need to worry about this at the moment! 🙂

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