Weather and Hobbies in Catalan

Talking about the weather is always an easy topic to have a small chat with strangers or acquaintances. Likewise, sharing your pastimes with someone else is also a friendly and starting topic for conversations.

weather and hobbies in Catalan
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This article is a support resource for this video on my YouTube channel, where you will hear an easy Catalan conversation with some vocabulary on Weather and Hobbies but also a review on previous videos and posts.

Weather in Catalan

  • Avui el temps és bo / dolent: today the weather is good / bad
    • Another option meaning exactly the same:  Fa bon / mal temps: The weather is good / bad
  • Fa fred / calor: it’s cold / hot
  • Fa sol: it’s sunny
  • Fa (molt) vent: it’s (very) windy
  • Plou / neva: it rains / it snows
  • Hi ha núvols / boira: it’s cloudy / it’s foggy
  • És estiu / tardor / hivern / primavera: it’s summer / autumn / winter / spring
  • Fa molta calor i humitat: it’s very hot and humid (it’s generally the case in summer in Barcelona!)

Hobbies in Catalan

Below you will find a list with some vocabulary on hobbies. They are pretty simple but also straightforward. You can combine the vocabulary below with the following expressions:

  1. M’agrada… (I like…)
    • I like doing sport – M’agrada fer esport
  2. M’encanta… (I love…)
    • I love going for a walk – M’encanta passejar

All of the verbs written below are in their infitive mode. Thus you can use them directly with “m’agrada” or “m’encanta”.

  • Anar a la platja i prendre el sol: go to the beach and sunbathe
  • Anar en bicicleta: go cycling
  • Fer esport: do sport
  • Fer excursions per la muntanya: go hiking in the mountains
  • Jugar a escacs: play chess
  • Llegir novel·les, llibres, còmics…: read novels, books, comics…
  • Mirar pel·lícules: watch films
  • Nedar: go swimming
  • Passejar: go for a walk
  • Quedar amb els amics: hang out with friends
  • Tocar música: play music
  • Viatjar: travel
  • Visitar museus / ciutats / monuments…: visit museums / cities / monuments…

With all those expressions on weather conditions and hobbies you can  start creating your own sentences to describe the weather. For some more ideas on collocation or pronounciation, watch the video!

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