Catalan useful expressions – easy!

This article focuses on Catalan useful expressions and easy and basic words and it is a supporting resource for this video on my YouTube channel, where you find the vocabulary below in its context. It is a great opportunity to learn new words whislt practicing Catalan pronounciation and developing your listening skills.

Catalan useful expressions (listen to them on the video):

Catalan useful expressions
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Adverbs of frequency:

  • Sempre: always
  • Normalment: normally, usually
  • A vegades: sometimes
  • De tant en tant: from time to time, now and then


  • Avorrit (m), avorrida (f): bored
    • When using adjectives to describe moods, worth making a difference between verbs “ser i estar” (to be). Depending on the verb you use, the meaning is different:
      • Estic avorrida: I am bored
      • Sóc avorrida: I am boring
  • Junts (m), juntes(f): together

Various useful expressions:

  • Depèn de: it depends on
  • Encara: still, yet
  • Una mica: a little bit
  • Poques vegades: few times
  • D’acord: sure, ok
  • Tens raó: you are (tens) raó (right)
  • Poca cosa: not much
  • Doncs: this is a pet word and does not have much meaning itself. We often use it to say “well…”, “so…”

Asking easy questions expressions:

  • Per què?: why?
    • Perquè… : because…
  • Què fas…? : what are you doing…?
    • aquest cap de setmana: this weekend – Què fas aquest cap de setmana?
    • avui: today – Què fas avui?
    • aquesta tarda / nit: this evening / tonight – Què fas aquesta tarda / nit?
    • després: later on – Què fas després?
  • T’agrada…?: Do you like….?
    • M’agrada…: I like (followed by infinitive or noun)
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