Adjectives in Catalan

How to make adjectives in Catalan  Adjectives are words that qualify a noun. This means that are often descriptive and give us better insights about what we are talking. As you may already know, nouns in Catalan have both gender (masculine and feminine) and number (singular and plural). The adjectives in Catalan always have to match the noun they … Read more

Weather and Hobbies in Catalan

Talking about the weather is always an easy topic to have a small chat with strangers or acquaintances. Likewise, sharing your pastimes with someone else is also a friendly and starting topic for conversations. This article is a support resource for this video on my YouTube channel, where you will hear an easy Catalan conversation … Read more

Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi the lovers day among books and roses 23rd of April is one of the most beautiful days in Catalunya (Catalonia): books, roses, love and a medieval legend with a dragon, a princess and a knight called Sant Jordi (Saint George). A real classic. This day could easily be nicknamed the Catalan St. Valentine’s … Read more