Adjectives in Catalan

How to make adjectives in Catalan  Adjectives are words that qualify a noun. This means that are often descriptive and give us better insights about what we are talking. As you may already know, nouns in Catalan have both gender (masculine and feminine) and number (singular and plural). The adjectives in Catalan always have to match the noun they … Read more

The Catalan pooing log – Caga tió

Christmas time in Barcelona: the Catalan pooing log A genuinely peculiar figure (seen from outsiders eyes) in Catalan Christmas is el caga tió (the pooing log). This friendly and beloved creature has the extraordinary skill to defecate sweets, chocolates and even sometimes little presents at Christmas time! It’s always a highlight for Catalan children (and … Read more

Caganer Figure

The Caganer figure: the rudest figure in a nativity scene It’s still quite common to set up a nativity scene in Catalan homes. We place the standard figures: baby Jesus in a manger, virgin Mary and Joseph standing next to him, shepherds gathered all together… However, a crucial one (and also my favourite one) is the caganer … Read more

Catalan Human Towers – Castellers

Catalan human towers: a peculiar tradition Each country and region has its own particular, unique and eccentric traditions. The castellers – the Catalan word “castell” literally means “castle” – it’s a truly remarkable one in Catalonia. This cultural event consists of building human towers in several festivals that take place all around Catalonia throughout the year. Since 2010, … Read more