Catalan Human Towers – Castellers

Catalan human towers: a peculiar tradition Each country and region has its own particular, unique and eccentric traditions. The castellers – the Catalan word “castell” literally means “castle” – it’s a truly remarkable one in Catalonia. This cultural event consists of building human towers in several festivals that take place all around Catalonia throughout the year. Since 2010, … Read more

Sitges, the gorgeous coastal village

White walled houses. Bohemian. Romantic. Traditional. Cultural. Charming. Art nouveau buildings at the seaside. This is why I called it Sitges the gorgeous coastal village. It’s a very picturesque place only half an hour away from Barcelona, definitely worth a visit. An eclectic day-trip destination ideal for couples, families or independent spirits! Sitges is a … Read more

Stunning mountain valley: Núria

This breathtaking valley located in the Catalan region of the Pyrenees is certainly a must-see. You can visit the stunning mountain valley: Núria at any time of the year. There are plenty of activities you can do such as hiking, picnicking near the lake in summer and camping for a few nights or practicing ski mountaineering … Read more